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June 07-09, 2024 / Hakkari, Türkiye

Online & in person participation 

All relevant studies related to children

For next generations


Children are our future, our hope and mirth. They come into this world as innocent; free of animosity, bias

and preconceived notions.

All of the bad things they are exposed in after years are due mainly to what they have been narrated by adults. They tend to imitate and pattern themselves after the grown-ups in their lives.

Families want their children to get a good education, get a good job, raise a family, and make them proud as parents. These expectations are sometimes deviated by what our juniors see and experience on a daily basis

They observe the coarse and childish behavior of many of our leaders who will do and say anything to gain office and then proceed to engage in self-serving actions rather than learning how to cooperate and compromise with those who have an opposing view.

We want our children to be peaceful and law-abiding on the one hand and then we attack them with music and movies that glorify violence, commotion, filth and the ugly side of life.

We want our kids to be safe and responsible drivers, yet every commercial on television shows cars speeding, swerving and performing all kinds of unsafe driving switching.

We demand our children to respect all living beings regardless of race, skin color, nationalty, language or religion, yet they see adults striding around defending racial and religious intolerance.

Children deserve better than we have. Our trainers laboring in classrooms throughout the country deserve all the credit we can give them for daily trying to counteract the negative forces that society is inflicting on our kids — our future.


Some of Conference Topics

Open to all disciplines directly associated with specific areas of Children's Studies 


Abstract Submission Deadline

May 20, 2024



May 20-24, 2024

Congress program publication date

May 28, 2024

Full Text Submission Deadline

June 25, 2024

Issuing Proceedings Book

July 15, 2024


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